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The site, which is now Hurst Farm and Hurst Pools, has a varied history which can be traced back to the 16th Century. Around this time iron ore was plentiful around Hurst Farm and the surrounding countryside. The nearby River Severn, Britain’s longest river, was an important part in the production and distribution of raw materials and the finished product.

A furnace was established at the site, and the pools were built about 1550. The pools were constructed to build a head of water which would drive the furnace water wheel which in turn would drive the furnace bellows. The furnace was located below the dam of the Furnace Pool. The furnace was powered by charcoal which came from Shirlett Forest, which once covered the farm but now runs up to the boundary. The name Hurst means wooded area or coppice. The furnace was here for about 100 years or so before the supply of charcoal dwindled and other areas such as Ironbridge became more popular centres of industry.

Hurst Farm is now a family run farming business. We have a mix of livestock and arable - even some you can play with.

Hurst Farm Cottages

The History of Hurst Farm & the Hurst Pools Hurst Farm Holiday Cottages Hurst Farm Holiday Cottages Hurst Farm Holiday Cottages

Our historic pools offer excellent fishing all week long - for full information about our fishing facilities, click here