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Our address is: Hurst Farm Cottages, Morville, Bridgnorth, Shropshire. WV16 4TF

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Hurst Farm
Holiday Cottages

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Fishing in any of our 3 Coarse Pools, The Furnace Pool, The Middle Pool and The Crucion Pit. All offer excellent fishing year round. And with the famous fishing of the River Severn barely five minutes away you can be assured of Excellent Fishing all week long. Ample parking and pegs around all the pools, with 3 pegs on the Middle Pool offering wheelchair access.

The Middle & Furnace Pools are 20ft deep in places - excellent in the winter. The Crucion Pit as the name suggest is stocked with Crucion Carp (3lbs plus). A small water, giving excellent sport for the patient angler.

Coarse Fishing not your thing? Them why not try our 3 acre Trout Lake. This large water

offers easy casting. A large stock of fish and an abundance of natural food that keep the fish rising to the fly!

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Coarse Fishing is free for all residents.
Fly Fishing at a greatly reduced rate.

Fishing Rules:- Please use barbless hooks and please use your common sense!

The Furnace Pool at Hurst Farm Holiday Cottages

Above: View of The Middle Pool.

Above: The Furnace Pool, seen from the holiday cottages.
Named after the site of the 17th Century Iron Furnace. Stocked with Carp to 20lbs, Tench, Perch, Roach, Rudd & a few others.

Above: One of our residents setting up for a spot of night fishing on The Furnace Pool.

Below: Perch from our pools

The Middle Pool at Hurst Farm Holiday Cottages The Furnace Pool at Hurst Farm Holiday Cottages Hurst Farm Holiday Cottages Fishing at Hurst Farm Holiday Cottages