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Hurst Farm
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Hurst Farm Holiday Cottages - The Granary

The Granary at Hurst Farm Holiday Cottages


The largest and most spacious of the cottages. Entry from the courtyard into the hall. On the left is a WC. Access to the kitchen/dining room, upstairs and spacious lounge. The kitchen/dining room is modern fully fitted and beautifully decorated, the dining area can seat 6 in comfort. The lounge is over 22 feet long and is an ideal space for families with children. The lounge leads on to the patio and barbeque area through large french windows.

Upstairs there are two identical bedrooms, 1 twin and 1 double, both with ensuite shower rooms. A further double room is also available along with a master bathroom - ideal for those who like a long hot soak in the tub!

The Granary, Hurst Farm Holiday Cottages


Built on to the meal shed in the 18th Century, it was used as the name suggests as agrain and feed store. The ground floor was used to house livestock.

Originally containing cow stalls where the farms herd of milking cows would have been kept. When originally built farming was a lot less intensive and the herd would have consisited of only about 10 cows. This small herd would have been hand milked twice a day. The milk would have been mainly used for butter and cheese making for the local market.

The use of the building changed for a while and it was used as a chicken house, housing about 100 laying hens. Milking continued but became slightly easier as the first processes of mechanisation appeared, a vacuum assisted milking machine - the same process is still used in todays state of the art milking parlours.

This is how things stayed until the 1920's when a new milking parlour was built onto the granary. The granary became the calves pens, where newly born calves would have been feed and reared. This continued upto the 1980's when modern purpose built agricultural buildings were erected - there simply wasn't enough space to get everything in!

All our cottages are finished to the highest modern standard and
include the following:

The hallway at The Granary, Hurst Farm Holiday Cottages